Welcome to HotSource HTML Help, the webpage authoring resource from Scott Brady. This resource covers many areas of webpage authoring and site design beyond HTML including Cascading Style Sheets, JavaScript, Dynamic HTML, CGI, Graphics Design, Ethics and Design, Publicizing and Promoting your Website, and Frequently Asked Questions. The World Wide Web was created for accessibility of information to anyone; HotSource was created to teach you how to maintain that accessibility regardless of browser, operating system, resolution, or any other variable.

HyperText Markup Language

This is where you will want to start to learn how to make your first webpage or look up any HTML element or attribute. Browse through the HTML 4.0 Easy Reference or the HTML 4.0 Technical Reference. Find information on Character Codes; topics Beyond HTML including how to Register a Domain Name and add a Hit Counter to your page; technologies such as ActiveX, Java and RealMedia. Also learn where to find free Validation services and which USENet newsgroups to visit.

Cascading Style Sheets

CSS gives authors the ability to suggest how their documents are styled. Look for answers on the Stylish Cascading Style Sheets FAQ or use the W3C CSS Recommendation Easy Reference for quick and easy research.


JS is an object oriented language that allows authors to add interactivity to their documents. Find over 20 free scripts that can Make a Popup Window, Detect the Browser and Version, Roll an Image Over and much more.

Dynamic HTML

DHTML is the coupling of HTML, JavaScript, and Cascading Style Sheets. Use DHTML to Move Objects.

Common Gateway Interface

CGI allows you to run scripts, most commonly written in Perl, that can process forms, count visitors and many more practical applications. Find scripts to Process your Forms.

Graphics Design

Learn graphical tips and tricks or just find pre made images from clip art sites. Learn about Paint Shop Pro or how to Make a Thumbnail.

Ethics and Design

Learn the finer points of web authoring including non browser specific HTML and how to validate your markup. Find out if you should be a Certified Webmaster or what's wrong with Browser Specific and Invalid markup.

Publicize your Website

Find links to submit your site to search engines and other ways to generate more hits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find an index of FAQs that will help answer your questions about webpage authoring. Read the "Unoffical" Offical alt.html FAQ, Stylish Cascading Style Sheets FAQ or HotSource FAQ.

Table of Contents

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